It's actually about you . .

We believe in treating you the way we‘d like to be treated, so we show you the best options for you, based on the way you prefer to live your life.

Jargon is no fun . . . and it is often used to mystify the process of getting the best loan for you.

We think that’s unfair . . And so we often spend a little bit of extra time explaining some of the Jargon and myths around getting the right loan. When you are armed with this information you know “what’s what” and can make the best choice for yourself.

You will receive:

  • > Education and guidance as a first-time buyer
  • > Help to prepare for the application process
  • > Help in choosing the appropriate home loan and placing loan applications with lenders
  • > Pre-underwriting for your pre-qualification and pre-approvals
  • > Help in reviewing and comparing quotes from each lender
  • > Coordination with your financial advisor, CPA and trust attorney so your loan is compatible with your current financial plan

What you need to know

Call us for answers over the phone and then decide if a face to face meeting will be helpful. We know you need a lot of information before you decide which mortgage is right for you and we're delighted to give you the information you need.

  • Independent of any lender giving you greater choice
  • We simplify and remove the Jargon for you
  • We are multilingual - English, Spanish, Vietnamese & Farsi
  • We can provide you access to a much bigger range of financing than any bank
  • At Emeryville Watergate for over 27 years
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